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How to add stock to a product?

Adding stock to product depends on the product type you choose. File Upload a file to Selly and we'll handle the delivery of the download link to the cust...

Search for things to buy

Selly is not a marketplace, products and sellers are not listed or searchable.

"No gateways have been enabled" error on product page

This error indicates that no payment gateways have been enabled for the product and can only be resolved by the seller. For the Seller Navigate to Settings...

Getting a link to your shop

Navigate to the dashboard, click your username in the top right and click Your Shop. You will be taken to your shop page. In this instance, a shop with th...

Linking your payment gateways

Selly supports many different payment gateways, but we make it simple to add support for any gateway. Navigate to Settings -> Payments. Input the specif...

Enable dark mode on the dashboard

Click on your username and select Dark Mode. To return to light mode, click on your username and select Light Mode.
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