Payments Integration

Accepting a wide range of third party payment gateway, made easy through one central integration.

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7 payment gateways

Accept PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stripe and more in one central implementation.

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Easy to implement

Accept payments without the burden of writing complicated code for each payment gateway.


Keep Control

Keep control of your funds. Our API connects many different third party payemnt processors, but payments never touch Selly and are strictly handled between you and your payment gateway.

One platform for all your payment needs


High Conversion Checkout

Our integrated checkout option provides a high conversion checkout page that updates in realtime to keep your customers informed. Redirect your customers back to your service as soon as the payment is complete.

We also offer a completely white-label payments solution allowing you to build your own checkout solution.

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Elegant API

Our API enables you to easily create and manage payments via simple conventional endpoints.

Create PayPal, crypto currency and more types of payments with out having to handle the different gateway specific parameters required. Receive instant webhook notifications for payment status updates.

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Want to build your own marketplace or require an advanced white-label payments solution? Contact us.