Features Overview

An all-in-one E-commerce Platform made for you

Forget about having to use a bunch of different tools to sell your digital goods. We provide a simple, yet powerful platform for e-commerce.
Whether it's serial keys, accounts, activation codes or anything else, Selly supports it and provides automated and smooth stock management.
Sell accounts, licenses, anything
Sell any text-based digital goods, including serial codes, accounts and activation keys. Pre-load all your product stock and get selling within minutes.
Stock management
Import a list of your goods separated by commas, new lines or a completely custom delimiter and allow your customers to purchase any quantity range imaginable.
Instant delivery
Modern e-commerce is all about speed, and that's why your customers will receive their purchased goods instantly through Selly.
Keep track of sold goods
Each order maintains a log of the goods sold, allowing you to know which customers received which exact products.
Built-in goods replacement
Customer needs their goods replaced? Automate your replacement and fulfilment process with ease.
Digital Downloads
Selling digital downloads and files has never been so easy. Just upload your file and start selling instantly.
E-books, PDFs, 3D models and more
Our extensive support for digital downloads allows you to sell any type of digital download-able good, whilst making it simple for your customers to access their products.
Simplify selling files
Upload files each up to 5GB in size, and configure your product page ready to start selling within minutes.
Effortless cloud hosting
Our lightning fast cloud content delivery network provides your customers quick and reliable downloads to their purchased files.
Easily manage downloads
We'll automatically issue your customers unique download links for each sale, allowing you to limit the number of downloads and more.
Dynamically Generated Goods
Programmatically generate and deliver dynamic goods through a simple webhook when customers pay.
Sell website membership, generated license keys and much more
No matter what type of product you're looking to sell, Dynamic Goods provides unlimited possibilities, ranging from just-in-time license key generation, to dynamic product generation.
Instant and automated product generation callback
We'll send you a just-in-time webhook to your external service that generates the goods to deliver to the customer through the endpoint response.
A first-in-class non-custodial cryptocurrency integration. Keep sole control of your funds whilst making it simpler than ever to accept cryptocurrency.
All payment addresses are derived from a public key, allowing you to maintain full control of your private keys and funds. We can never access it.
Receiving crypto payments made straightforward
Whether it's Bitcoin, Ethereum or any of the other popular cryptocurrencies, we provide a simple all-in-one solution for your customers to pay and for you to receive the payments.
Extendable options, including being able to choose how many confirmations cryptocurrency payments require to be considered complete.
Low fees
Some of the lowest cryptocurrency payment processing fees out there. Scale up your business without scaling up your costs!
Payments API
Integrate and start accepting a wide range of payment gateways straight into your application through a simple all-in-one API endpoint.
Easy to integrate
Whether you roll-your-own or use one of our prebuilt integrations, you can get set up to accept payments quickly.
Integrate once, accept many payment methods
Accept the most popular payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, through one central integration and API endpoint. All without dealing with the separate intricacies of each payment method.
Reliable infrastructure
Count on our high up-time service to provide a reliable connection to many payment gateways.
Whitelabel or pre-built payment page
Choose between building your own completely self-hosted payment flow through our whitelabel API returning raw payment data, or with our API returning a URL to our hosted prebuilt payment page.
Design and modify your storefront to match your exact desires with Liquid HTML and CSS.
Powerful templating language
Add custom pages
Plus and Enterprise shops can add custom pages to their storefront, with full support for our advanced templating language. Perfect for an about us page, terms of service and much more.
Localized out of the box
Support international customers by providing a fully localized storefront for them. Add custom translations and languages through our powerful and customizable localization system.
Match brand theming
Alter your storefront to exactly match your brands aesthetics and maintain consistency for your customers.
Content delivery network
Upload custom fonts, images, favicons and more for your storefront through our fast, global content delivery network.
High conversion and simple-to-use checkout pages for your products to maximize sales.
High conversion
Our checkout system is designed to maximize your sales and minimize abandoned checkouts.
Custom fields
Need to know more details from your customer to fulfill an order? Add custom input fields directly into the checkout form, with support for a variety of different types of input elements.
Encourage more international customers
Whether your customers say "Hello", "Bonjour" or "привет", they can proceed through our completely localized checkout process with native support for over half the world's population.
Realtime updates
Customers see realtime updates to their order's status straight on the checkout page.
Custom Domains
Utilize your own domain names for your store to maximize your brand recognition.
Plug and play
Pointing your domain to your store only takes a simple one-time DNS record setup.
Automatic SSL/HTTPS
We'll issue, renew and manage all your SSL certificates for all your custom domains for free.
Emphasise your brand
Keep your customers in your brand's sphere and increase your conversion rate by maintaining name continuation through a custom domain.
All domains supported
Whether it's .com, .io, .store or any other TLD, we offer complete integration with your online storefront.
Easily integrate a dynamic e-commerce solution in your website with an embedded product checkout pop-up.
Quick setup
Create a customizable button to sell digital goods in just a matter of seconds.
Any website, any platform
Embedding only quires a a small code snippet allowing you to integrate into any website.
Brand continuation
Customers never have to leave your website to purchase products.
We make it easy, simple and quick to manage and run your shop. We'll handle the hard stuff for you whilst you focus on growing your business.
Accepting payments
Automate your entire payment processing flow, from CashApp, to PayPal to cryptocurrencies.
Detailed event logs
Automatically keep track of each process of the order, including payment confirmation, product delivery, and delivery reception.
Product delivery without the heavy lifting
The days of having to manually deliver goods to your customers are over. Customers purchase their goods and we'll automatically process the order, manage your stock and deliver the goods to the customer all for you via an email.
Track delivery email opening
Plus and Enterprise shops can track whether customers have opened their product delivery email and see the exact time this occurred.
Warranty management
Provide piece-of-mind to your customers, by specifying a warranty for your product with fully automated built-in expiration tracking.
Stock management
No longer worry about keeping track of stock counts or the number of goods sold with our fully automatic stock management system.
Rely on our robust fraud prevention and expressive blacklist rules to minimize bad actors.
Expressive blacklist rules
Write expressive conditional blacklist rules allowing near infinite possibilities. Chain conditions and attributes in one single rule leading to highly advanced rules tailored to your exact blacklisting and whitelisting needs.
Risk level detection
Our advanced systems analyzes your customers to determine a 0-100 score for how risky they are. Set a minimum/maximum level to avoid risky purchases and avoid problematic customers.
Invite members to help run your shop, with individualized permissions for each member for added control.
Extensive permissions control
Fully limit and control exact what you want your shop members to access, with over 40 individual permissions encompassing every resource.
Grow your team as your shop scales
Invite new members to your shop to help manage your entire shop, or dictate specific needs through permissions, such as customer queries, add new stock and much more.