Per month
+ 2.5% fee per payment $9.99 and greater
First $799.99/m fee free
Unlimited Orders
1 Extra Shop Member
Custom Theme CSS/HTML
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Tailored to your needs

All Plans Include:

Customizable Theme w/ CSS/HTML
Design your shop to match your brand with our HTML/CSS theme editor.
Create coupons for specific products, limit uses and set the discount percentage.
Blacklist customers from purchasing from your shop through a variety of different parameters.
Unlimited Resources
Unlimited orders, products, coupons and blacklist items.
Track your revenue, orders, views and conversion rate all through an easy to use analytics dashboard.
Different Product Types
Whether the goods are a list of stock, files, a service or even dynamically generated, we support it.
Receive realtime webhook notifications about your orders and subsequent status updates.
Sortable Products/Categories
Re-order products and categories to best suit the display order that will benefit your shop.
Extra Staff Members
Invite staff to help manage your shop with in depth permissions per user.