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Usable Fields
Last updated about 4 years ago


During the checkout process, we create a table of field-value pairs that can match expressions.

Field Name Type Description Example
customer.country_code String Customer's ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 country code. US String Customer's email address. [email protected]
customer.email_domain String Customer's email address domain.
customer.ip_address Ip Customers IP address String Unique identifier for the product. 60e5c811
order.value Integer The value of the order in the specified currency, but in cents denomination. E.g $10.00 USD would be 1000 1000
order.currency String The ISO 4217 currency code used for this order. USD
order.gateway String The gateway used for this order. E.g Bitcoin, PayPal. PayPal
order.quantity Integer Quantity of the product purchased. 1